Were-Platypus Cupcake…Sorta

February 6th, 2010 | Blog Uncategorized

Brace yourselves for the biggest #shannonfail ever
Some of you may remember my campaign to force C.J. Redwine to make Wally the Were-Platypus into a cupcake–which was a HUGE success BTW. We stomped the other cupcake designs into the ground! 
But C.J. is not one to be trifled with.
And so, I just spent my Friday night–you guessed it–making a Were-Platypus cupcake. 
And–as if that weren't pathetic enough–it might just be the ugliest, most deformed, most ridiculous thing ever. I will definitely NOT be pursuing any careers in cake decorating.
Here's what I ended up with…
Gah–I can't do it–it's TOO embarrassing!
But…I have to…
But it's SO lame!
*Deep Breath*
Okay, I'm posting it.
I am! I am! I am!
Here goes…
Have I stalled enough yet?
Nope…I think I can drag it out a little more…
Okay, I'm really doing it this time–and be prepared. My husband laughed so hard when he saw it he could barely breathe. It is the #epicfail of all cupcakes.
And so, without further ado…I humbly present Wally the Were-Platypus Cupcake:
He appears to be part muppet, part penguin, part gibbon…
But I'm calling him a Were-Platypus–and my one defense is that I have yet to find a photo of a Were-Platypus, so how do you know that's not what they look like? Hm? Hmmm?
Oh, who am I kidding? It's total crap. 
But if it's any consolation, he tastes delicious–and I would know. I ate several of the failed attempts. 
So…there you go. The first Were-Platypus cupcake. 
Now I can't WAIT to see how C.J. does it–because I'm sure it's going to stomp my little blob guy into the ground. 
Were-Platypus FTW!

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