The one where Shannon gets Speechless…

July 18th, 2012 | Blog Uncategorized

So… yesterday THIS happened:
And a day later I still have no words. Because really–THERE ARE NO WORDS!!!!
I mean… how do you… ? 
I can't even… 
Just… whoa. 
*stares more* 
*still staring*
I wasn't going to mention it or talk about it or draw any attention to it because…
a) That's rather hard to do without words
b) It feels sort of… ookie. 
Like hey guys–LOOK AT THIS. Like I'm complimenting myself somehow,  even though I'm not the one who wrote the ad or knew it was coming or had anything to do with it. It's just weird posting such an indescribable thing being said about me. Well… said about my books. But I mean, I did write them so it's indirectly about me–but it's more about my books I guess. Gah–I'm rambling, aren't I? 
*goes back to staring*
But apparently a bunch of you guys saw it in Shelf Awareness and contacted me about it to make sure I'd seen it (HUGE thanks to all of you who tweeted or emailed me links) and I started to worry that I'd seem a little… ungrateful if I didn't mention it. Which I would never want. 
So I'm posting it. 
And rambling awkwardly about it. 
And you can't see it, but there's been a whole lot of twitching and fidgeting and deleting things as I've tried to put enough words together to make this awkward post. 
And I'm still having second thoughts about posting it (especially since I also feel like I probably haven't said anything coherent). But I'm posting it.
*clicks schedule before she can change her mind*
And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to staring.

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