The NEVERSEEN Superfan giveaway!

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Yay–the time has come for my favorite (and last) giveaway of 2015–THE NEVERSEEN SUPERFAN GIVEAWAY!

I know some of you have been waiting ever-so-patiently for me to get my act together and get this organized (sorry for the delay–my travel schedule pushed everything back a couple of weeks). But I'm caught up and I'm ready and I have five awesome prizes. BEHOLD:

In case you can't tell, those are five (yes, FIVE) signed hardcovers of NEVERSEEN, all featuring hand drawn panakes blossoms (done by me, using prismacolor pencils, so they look even more awesome in real life). Which means there will be FIVE winners who will get one, (and yes the books can be personalized if you would like)

Since these are very special, very time consuming prizes for me to make, I want to make sure they go to true fans of the series. So like I've done in the past, I'm going to make you guys put in a *little* extra work to enter–but I've still done my best to also keep it as simple as possible and make a way that even those who haven't bought (or read) the book can still enter. AND, the advantage to this is, if you really really really want one, there are a lot of ways for you to get a TON of entries and increase your chances of winning.

So here's how this works.

To enter, you MUST complete these two simple steps.

You must either:

  • Post a review of NEVERSEEN on amazon / goodreads / B&N / youtube / your blog or website / ANYWHERE ELSE YOU POST YOUR REVIEWS. And no, this doesn't mean you have to write a glowing, five star review (though of course you are WELCOME to). All that matters is that it's an honest review
  • Tweet / Instagram / FB / tumblr / pinterest / google+ / or ANY OTHER WAY YOU ATTACK THE INTERNETS with a photo of NEVERSEEN somewhere in the wild (could be your own personal copy in your hands, or a shiny copy on display in a store or library–doesn't matter to me. And if the store you go to is sold out, you can always request they bring in another copy. In fact, I would love you FOREVER for doing that because it helps get books back on the shelf faster!)*
  • Tweet / Instagram / FB / tumblr / pinterest / google+ / ANY OTHER WAY YOU ATTACK THE INTERNETS with your own KEEPER series fan art (Anything goes here–feel free to be as creative as you want. You can post drawings, quotes, crafts. baked goods, anything you dream up.)*
You only have to do one–though you are welcome to do as many as you want. I'll reward you with an extra entry for everything you do (and every social media platform you post it on–each one counts for an extra entry). The only requirement is that it must be NEW. If you've posted fan art, photos of the book, or reviews in the past–thank you! (no really, THANK YOU) But if you want it to count for the contest you'll need to do something new during the contest time period (December 16, 2015 – January 3, 2016). That's why I've given you three different options and count so many social media platforms–surely there's somewhere you can post the review again or something else you can do to enter.

*feel free to tag me in any of these things, to make doubly sure I see them. My instagram / twitter handle is @SW_Messenger

Once you've done whatever you'd like to from the list above, you'll need to let me know what you did so I can count your entries accordingly. Which brings me to:

  • You MUST fill out the form at the bottom of this post, along with links to anywhere you posted the pictures/reviews. Form must be filled out by 11:59 pm pacific on Sunday, January 3, 2016
Step two is an absolutely essential step, because it's the only way I will see your entry. So don't forget to fill out the form. And International entries ARE accepted. 
Winners won't be posted anywhere, nor will they be contacted prior to mailing. You'll know you're a winner when your prize shows up (and if it doesn't, then sadly you didn't win). So triple check to make sure you enter your mailing address correctly because it'd be a shame for your prize to get lost in the mail.
I'm pretty sure that's everything, but if I missed something you are welcome to ask in the comments. Just make sure you ask those questions in the comments section on my website and not on goodreads or any of the other places this blog feeds out to, because I won't see them if you post them anywhere else)
**Form has been removed now that the giveaway has ended. Thanks to all who participated!**

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