The Epic LET THE SKY FALL Pre-Order Giveaway of Amazingness!!!

February 5th, 2013 | Blog Uncategorized


Holy cow, you guys!

We are one month away from the release of LET THE SKY FALL.

(and not even a full thirty-day-month, since February is a weird short month, but I'm trying not to think about that because it TRIGGERS THE SHANNON PANIC!!!)
ANYWAY, since this is a brand new series in a brand new age category, I wanted to do something a little bit special to celebrate the release and thank anyone who takes a chance on me and my little YA. So I've put together a special Pre-Order Promotion/Giveaway where everyone wins something!!!
Yes, that's right, EVERYONE!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
And I wanted there to be as many prizes as possible, so I'm doing tiers of prizes–ALL of which are open internationally.
Here's the breakdown:
EVERYONE who pre-orders a copy of LET THE SKY FALL and fills out the form below before 11:59pm pacific time on 3/4/13 will win this:

 a signed LTSF bookmark AND a signed LTSF bookplate, (which can also be personalized)
(and pardon my lame photo skills–they're even prettier than this in real life)
Additionally, I will draw TWENTY-FIVE lucky winners (yes, 25!!!) who will ALSO win one of these:

Special LTSF scrabble tile necklaces handmade by me
(again, the picture totally doesn't do them justice–and yes, they include the chain!)
And finally, one especially lucky grand prize winner will ALSO win a $50 amazon or B&N gift card (winner's choice)!!!!! 

(I… don't have a picture of that because it's kind of boring to look at)
Even better? I'm NOT making everyone email me proof of purchase in order to enter. That's WAY too much work for everyone. So the ONLY person who will have to email me proof of purchase will be the grand prize winner (who will have 7 days to send it to me after I notify them that they're the winner.) Everything else will be on the honor system. But PLEASE don't cheat and fill out the form if you haven't pre-ordered the book. Every time you do that a cupcake fairy loses her sparkle and HOW COULD YOU DEPRIVE THE WORLD OF SPARKLY CUPCAKES???? 
Also, I know that some of you lovely, lovely people may have already pre-ordered LTSF, and I would certainly never want to punish you for that (in fact, I *kind of* want to hug you). So if that's the case, you are welcome to fill out the form. All pre-orders count!
I … think that covers everything. But if I missed something feel free to ask away in the comments. And THANK YOU guys for all the awesome support. Methinks it's going to be a crazy month and I am so glad I have you with me. 
Okay, here's the form. And if for some reason it isn't loading, click HERE. Remember, you HAVE to fill it out if you want to win the prizes (and, yanno, pre-order the book). Don't just leave a blog comment, it won't be counted with the entries!*


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