Team KEEPER Continued!

February 27th, 2014 | Blog Uncategorized

**Please Note: Thanks to deadlines, website transitions, and (keeping it real) the fact that you guys are super bad about including spoilers in your comments, I've had to close commenting on this (and all other Team Keeper related posts/pages.)


It looks like the 200 comment limit glitch doesn't apply to blog posts like this one–only to the static pages. (that's what I'd been hoping for, and why I moved the conversation over here). SO. Feel free to keep commenting away. You'll just need to click that “load more” link at the bottom of the page in order to see the comments past 200) 

So wow. You guys have already maxed out the 200 Comment Limit on the new Team KEEPER page that I just built you–which is AWESOME, btw (clearly the KEEPER fandom is growing).

But it also leaves me with the *tiny* problem of not having anywhere for you guys to comment/interact with each other.

I've looked into lots of different things, but so far I haven't been able to find anything that lets you comment anonymously (since I know some of you have parents that don't want you creating accounts or using your name) and lets the comments be “threaded” (meaning you can reply to each other in a nice, organized, easy-to-follow way)

So for now, the only solution I can come up with is to move the conversation to another new place. Like oh, hey, RIGHT HERE.

You might want to bookmark this post so you can find it again, since this isn't a “page” like the others (though I have also added a link to this post on the Team KEEPER page, in case you can't find it). And if you fill all the comments on this page, I'll just create another.


As you were and carry on. Feel free to continue your Team debates (side note: I love that you guys are calling for me to make teams for characters who don't have them yet). It's also awesome that you guys have started discussing theories about things–though please, please, PLEASE make sure you keep that discussion spoiler-free, so we don't ruin the fun for anyone who hasn't read.

Also, if you need a refresher on who the teams are:

Ever feel like you don't belong? Then you look no further–you belong with Team Sophie! You may not always have the answers, but you're brave and smart, and if you trust yourself, you can handle anything. And as for who holds your heart? Only time will tell how you decide . . .

Ever feel like the underdog? Then welcome to Team Dex! You may have people constantly underestimating you, but you'll prove them all wrong someday. And while you may be the ultimate BFF, you're hoping to break out of the “friend zone” eventually. (you might have pretty great dimples, too . . . )

Ever caused a mess of trouble–and loved every second of it? Then you definitely belong with Team Keefe!  Jokes and pranks are the highlight of your week–but that doesn't mean you can't be serious when you need to be. In fact, you care very deeply about . . . well, maybe you're not ready to admit *who* yet. But you're having fun driving the girls crazy in the meantime!

Ever feel pressure to be who everyone expects you to be? Then Team Fitz is the place for you ! You have the looks, the talent, and the family everybody envies–but that doesn't mean you do everything perfectly. And sometimes you can be a little oblivious when it comes to other people's feelings. But you'll hopefully figure it all out–eventually. . . 

Ever made a mistake and had to work to set it right? Team Biana knows how you feel! You may sometimes say or do the wrong thing, but it's only because you're fiercely protective of the ones you care about. And once you make a true friend, you're friends for life. You're also the best person to ask when it comes to style–but there's so much more to you than you're stunning looks. You're brave, smart, and incredibly talented. And the world hasn't seen anything yet!

Ever feel like no one understands you? Then find lots of people you can relate to on Team Iggy! You may be small and good at making a mess of things–but you always know when someone needs you. And you're happy to provide them with a cuddle, a purr, or a nose-full of toxic breath–whatever they need. And hey, you can rock every crazy fur color there is!

Ever feel like you're all alone? Then you'll find lots of friends with Team Silveny–plus more sparkles than anyone could ever need! You're special and one-of-a-kind and extremely loyal and caring. And no one can deny you have great taste in friends–even if they give you the craziest nicknames.

Ever found that doing the wrong thing can sometimes be right? Then you belong with Team Black Swan! Some may think of you as a rebel, but really you're just seeing the world differently. And you're not afraid to bend or break a few rules–so long as it's to help others. 

Okay, and ………… GO!

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