Limited Edition KEEPER Swag Packs for an Awesome Cause!!!

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If you caught my post on Wed (and managed to wade through all the exclamation marks) you know I promised something exciting today–and I am a girl of my word!!!!!!

(FYI: if you can't already tell, this post will also be riddled with exclamation marks. 
You've been warned.)

But it's actually really funny that I'm so excited about this post. Honestly, a few months ago this was something I'd been dreading.

See … the thing about being an author is, sooner or later you have to ask people to buy your book. And I know for some people that's an easy and natural thing to say. But for me? It feels so AWKWARD. Even though I know that you know that I know that not all of you will be able to buy or want to buy my books–which is TOTALLY fine, by the way–it still felt like … really? Do I REALLY have to talk about this?

But it is kinda important, since, yanno, if no one buys my book that would not be a good thing…

So I'd been stressing. And panicking. And then I realized that a better way to handle it was to find a way to get excited about it. So I brainstormed and turned to friends for ideas and together we came up with something that I am seriously SO SUPER THRILLED to share with you!!!!!!!!

(*insert herald trumpet blast*)
I've teamed up with the amazing people at Changing Hands Bookstore and the awesome organization Kids Need To Read to put together a very special pre-order offer!!!!!!
Between now and October 5th, if you order a copy of KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES from Changing Hands you'll get this amazing package:

*Four limited edition 4×6 art prints, hand signed and numbered (and yes, that is my own character concept art on there)

*Four “Team” stickers 

*One Mallowmelt recipe (arguably the sweetest, stickiest, gooiest dessert ever invented)
BUT WAIT–THERE'S MORE!!! (Hee–I love saying that!) And this is the part I'm MOST excited about.
For every copy of KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES purchased at Changing Hands between now and October 5th, a copy will also be donated to Kids Need to Read (up to 150 books)!!!!!!!!  

(And if you don't know Kids Need to Read you should check them out. They're an amazing organization that gets books in the hands of kids and schools who wouldn't be able to afford them otherwise. I am so honored to have KEEPER be distributed by them.)
So just to recap, if you pre-order through Changing Hands, you'll get a signed book, exclusive swag, AND you'll put a book in the hands of an awesome kid reader who needs it!!!! I'm pretty sure that's what we call a Win – WIN situation.

If you would like to order your copy, you'll want to call Changing Hands at 480-730-0205. The lovely people there will be able to get everything taken care of. And if you're wondering about price, I'm told it will be: $16.99 plus $6.50 for US shipping. (Sales tax may apply, and yes they can give you a combined shipping rate if you order more than one. International shipping is also available–though you'll need to call for an estimate)  Online ordering is available! Go HERE for info and instructions (and make sure in the comments section you mention who you want the book signed to, etc.)

Of course if you have a favorite bookseller or website you'd prefer to order through you are welcome to. I am thrilled and honored if you buy my book ANYWHERE. But I'm very excited to offer this and I really hope we can get some books to Kids Need to Read. Thank you guys in advance for any support you give!

(And again, I will still adore you if you don't buy it. Don't worry, I won't be paying attention to who does and does not buy. I love you ALL for stopping by my blog no matter what. GROUP HUG)

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