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I don't usually do title reveals for my books, since I feel like they tend to come across as a *little* anticlimactic compared to something like a cover reveal. So I generally just wait until I can share all the awesome at once.


I have gotten many, many, MANY emails and messages from you guys begging for me to share something–ANYTHING–I can about K33P3R. And I hate leaving you guys in suspense (well … okay … torturing you guys is a *little* bit fun …) So, when my editor told me I was allowed to share the title, I thought, “Okay–LET'S DO THIS!”

And so, I give you (if you haven't already cheated and scrolled down)…

(In case the graphic isn't loading, the title is EVERBLAZE)
Now, before you ask, you should know that this is it. This is ALL I can share right now. I can't show you the cover (though I *can* say that you're going to love it) or tell you who's on the cover (though I *do* think you'll be happy) or give you any plot description for the book (partially because, um… I'm still revising it. THINGS ARE STILL CHANGING).
But now you know the title. And I hope you love it as much as I do. Because I really, REALLY love it–and not just because this is the first time with this series that *I* came up with the title (though that *is* a bonus). But mostly because EVERBLAZE is actually the original title I gave KEEPER (book 1) all those years ago, before anyone had decided they wanted to publish it. 
After it sold, my editor decided we should change the title because she knew that no one would know what Everblaze is at that point (since it was the first book in the series). But now that we're up to book #3 and you guys know how mega-epically cool (and um… dangerous) those unstoppable neon yellow flames can be, I can finally have my book called EVERBLAZE. 
I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!
*runs away with flailing muppet arms before you can drag any other secrets out of me*

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