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There have been a lot of “wow, this is getting real” moments over the last few months, between BEA and ALA and Comic Con and SIBA (wow–no wonder I'm so tired!). But last weekend topped them all.

I did two amazing events, both so surreal and impossible to wrap my head around that I really don't know how to describe them. So I'm going to let the pictures do most of the speaking for me:

This is me with Margaret Peterson Haddix, Lisa McMann, and Helen Stringer at a Pasadena School Library for a Bridge to Books event. 
I can't tell you how amazing it was sitting next to Lisa McMann on an author panel after she's been such a huge inspiration and support to me. Which is why I couldn't resist doing a little gushing about her during my presentation:
Side note: looking through the other photos from this event has made me realize wow, I make rather interesting faces when I speak publicly. Lots of gestures too. For example:
If you're wondering, I have NO idea what I was talking about–or what that gesture is supposed to mean…. 
Anyway…since KEEPER isn't technically out yet, I wasn't able to sign copies. But I did sell pre-orders–which amazingly enough, people bought! And I gave away two early hardcovers

And signed them to the winners…

Along with a few ARCs people brought…

And despite how hot it was in there (dear A/C: I missed you. Please don't ever leave me again!) It was one of the most amazing days ever. Huge thanks to all the event organizers for inviting me, and my awesome panelists for treating me like I belonged.

(also, huge thanks to Katie Ferguson, who took all of the above photos)
I thought nothing could top Saturday's event. But… there was still Sunday. 
Sunday I had the honor of speaking at the SCIBA Children's Literacy Brunch–an event I've been going to for years as a slightly-out-of-place aspiring author. So to be on the other side, as a speaker, signing copies of my book and giving them to people who've been cheering me on long before I deserved their support, was … well … let's just say it's a miracle I made it through my presentation without crying.
I wish I had better pictures to show you, but so far I haven't been able to track many down. I did find this one of me during my presentation (again with the strange faces!)
(and in case you're wondering, that's me holding up what I lovingly call “The Email Of Doom”, aka the revision letter my agent sent me during the hellish revision process)
And this is me with the lovely and talented Salina Yoon, who was my signing table buddy:
If I track down any others I promise I'll share them. In the meantime, if you were one of the people who took the time to come to either of these events, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was so great to meet you, and you really know how to make a girl feel welcome. 
I tell ya, I have an AWESOME job. It's exhausting and sweaty and apparently causes me to contort my face into weird positions and flail my arms around. But it really is a dream come true.
So, that was MY weekend. How was yours?

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