Epic Milestones!!!

October 25th, 2011 | Blog Uncategorized


Sorry again for disappearing on you guys last week–those copyedits were a LOT more work than I expected. Here's a TINY glimpse of what my week looked like:

This represents THREE WHOLE DAYS–no, that is NOT an exaggeration–of me mapping out my book page. by. page. trying to figure out where I lost two months of “book time” in the revision and then finding places to fit it back in. Holy Headache, Batman!
And don't even get me started on the “stetting” and grammar correcting and fact-checking for consistency. Seriously, copyedits are NOT FUN.
Copyedits are done, fed-exed off to S&S, and I got word from my editor that she got them–and that it even looks like I did them right!!!!!
Another milestone officially passed! I'm now one. step. closer to KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES becoming a REAL BOOK!
*dances more*
And speaking of milestones, I had another one happen this weekend. I have been going to SCIBA events for a couple of years now (love SCIBA–SUCH a great organization!). But I was always sort of attending unofficially, since SCIBA events are technically designed to put book sellers, teachers, and librarians in touch with published authors–which… I wasn't. (I will be eternally grateful to SCIBA for letting me come anyway). Well, this time, in light of my news–even though I wasn't officially on the program because, uh… my book won't be out for about a year–they wanted me to know that I had crossed over to being “official” now. So they gave me one of THESE badges this time:

(Sorry–took the pic on my iPhone so the resolution's a bit iffy)
Yeah, the red ribbon totally clashed with my outfit–BUT I SO DIDN'T CARE. So, so, so, SO cool getting a real author badge for the first time. Can't wait till the day I can also see my name in the program as one of the “participating authors.” SOON! 🙂

And while we're on the subject of milestones … I actually had one more happen last week. A BIG one. One that totally made me cry–in a good way, of course.

I can't tell you anything about it–and I certainly can't show you. But… I can give you a *tiny* clue:

Yeah… I got my first cover proof. AND IT HAS MY NAME ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I know that seems like a given–but dude, there is NOTHING like seeing a book cover with my name on it. NOTHING!)
The font and text color and background color are all just placeholders right now and are probably all changing, so… I really haven't shown you anything. But now you know it exists. KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES HAS A COVER!!!
NO IDEA when I'll be allowed to show you but trust me when I say IT IS GOING TO BE PERFECT!!! 
*hugs the cover proof*
*cries again*
So… that was my week. HOW WAS YOURS???????

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