Black Swagday Giveaway!!!

November 27th, 2013 | Blog Uncategorized


Sorry I've been so MIA, guys. I swear, I will finish this book SOON, and then hopefully things will get a bit less hectic around here. But in the meantime, I have a super awesome giveaway for you!!!!

I know this is the time of year where everyone has gifts on their minds. And this coming weekend seems to especially be a time when people BUY ALL THE THINGS, between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday (WOO WOO!), and Cyber Monday.

Personally, I feel like signed books make the best presents–and I'm guessing some of you might feel the same. So I've put together a giveaway to help make your gift that much more special–*if* you decide to buy one of my books.

Here's how this works. If you buy KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES, LET THE SKY FALL, or EXILE (Keeper of the Lost Cities #2) between Wednesday, Nov 27th and Monday, December 2nd, fill out the form below and I will send you the exclusive corresponding bookplate/swag pack you see here:

(1 signed art print postcard, 1 signed bookplate, 4 Team stickers)


(2 signed bookmarks, 1 signed bookplate, 1 minicard)

EXILE (Keeper of the Lost Cities #2)

(1 signed art print postcard, 1 signed bookplate, 1 sticker, 3 minicards)
You can keep the swag for yourself, or add it to the gift to make it extra awesome–it's up to you. And all of this swag is exclusive–only available here, and hand signed by me.

There's no limit on how many I'll give away. Everyone who fills out the form during the proper time period WILL get the prize. And I'm not requiring proof of purchase. If you say you bought it, I believe you. But remember, every time you lie, an alicorn loses its wings, and will then hunt you down and poop in your bed. Meanwhile, honesty makes it rain chocolate and gummi bears.

It also doesn't matter where you buy the book (though supporting your Local Indie Bookstore guarantees you a life of sunshine and happiness) or if you buy the paperback or the hardcover (ebooks and audiobooks count too!). And you're welcome to buy as many books as you want! (Just make sure you fill out the form separately for each book, so I know to send you more prizes).

Giveaway is also open internationally!!!

I *think* that covers everything–but if I missed something, feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments. )

**Update: I forgot Small Business Saturday is also part of the awesome #IndiesFirst campaign. So IF you buy my books from a local indie on Saturday (November 30th), make sure you select “My favorite Indie” as where you bought it and I will add extra surprise swaggish goodies to your pack that only Indie Shoppers will get!!!**

**Form has been removed, since the giveaway is now over. Thank you to everyone who took part*

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