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Wow–is it Friday already???? WHERE DID THE WEEK GO??????????

Oh wait, I know where my week went:

Those, my friends, are copyedits for KEEPER 2. A.k.a: the most tedious and tiring part of my job multiplied by the longest book I've ever written. End result = *flail* *whimper*

(you'll also note the boxes and empty bookshelves in the background. Yes, I moved, and still have yet to unpack pretty much ANYTHING. Except those flowers and placemats on the table, strangely enough. I mean really, who needs dishes and pots and pans when there are decorative accents? One must have priorities!)

I also had a school and store visit this week (so much fun! Though sooooo exhausting).

And… I'm still trying to crank out a TON of new words on LTSF 2 in order to make my starting-to-feel-impossible deadline.

None of which I'm telling you to complain. These are all very happy things. BUT, they are also very time consuming things so they kept me away from blogging and twitter and facebook and all the other ways I usually like to connect with you guys. And they will probably continue to keep me away for the majority of this month. SORRY.

I promise things will get back to normal (ish) soon and that I will catch up on email and mailings (if you're waiting on a prize I promise, it IS coming. As soon as I unearth it from the leaning tower of boxes). Thank you so so so so SO much for bearing with me in the meantime.

Also: I have been TOTALLY remiss in mentioning a super-awesome event I'll be at this Saturday. If you live in SoCal you DON'T want to miss out. It's called YA In the Sun and there are some seriously cool authors who will be there (plus one awkward, giggly blonde). Check out the list:

Josephine Angelini
Leigh Bardugo
Jennifer Bosworth
Jessica Brody
Debra Driza
Cynthia Hand
Nancy Holder
Kirsten Hubbard
Suzanne Lazear
Marie Lu
Sarah Maas
Gretchen McNeil
Shannon Messenger
Tone Milazzo
Cindy Pon
Andrew Smith
Barrie Summy
McCormick Templeman
Greg VanEekhout
Kiersten White
I mean…. WOW, right? The universe seriously might explode from all that awesome. And there will be signings and LOTS of mix/mingle time, plus raffles and all kinds of other fun things (we even have a live band!) So if you live in SoCal COME HANG OUT WITH US. Here's the event details–hope to see you there!
YA In The Sun
Saturday, November 10
2:30-4:30 pm
Encinitas Library
540 Cornish Drive
Encinitas, CA
(760) 753-7376

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