ALL THE THINGS (that… I keep forgetting to tell you about)

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Hey–so, remember that time when I fell into the deadline cave and didn't blog or tell you guys about anything important for like a month???

Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah. Oops.

(though hey, I did share the super-awesome widget for LET THE SKY FALL and host an ARC Giveaway. If you missed that, go HERE)

But never fear, I am going to catch you all up today in a chaotic, rapid-fire mass of information overload!!! You. Are. WELCOME!


Yes–it's TRUE!!! I probably shouldn't be, because … well… hitting this one is gonna be tight. But I couldn't pass up an opportunity to visit some amazing kids at an awesome school. And then tonight, I'll be at Barnes & Noble for a book fair. So if you live in the San Diego area–PLEASE COME!

Here's the deets:

Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Where: Barnes & Noble Oceanside
2615 Vista Way Oceanside, CA 92054
What's awesome about these book fair signings is that they're super casual. You just hang out whenever you want for as long as you want. So if you have any time between 6 and 8, come come come! I'll have swag! And awkward hugs! And we can talk about cats and cupcakes!!!!
(Who doesn't want to be a part of that???)

“A large and varied cast of supporting characters and an intriguing premise contribute to make this an exciting start to a promising series.” ~ Booklist Reviews

Yes, there was a lot of squealing and jumping around the house when my editor sent that. Trade reviews are SO SCARY. So YAY BOOKLIST!!!!
I know–I couldn't believe it either. But here's the official PM listing to prove it:
It's SO crazy knowing my book is going to be in yet another language I can't read. My job is so cool sometimes!!!
ALSO ALSO also: (I told you, I have forgotten to tell you ALL THE THINGS): KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES IS GOING TO BE AN AUDIO BOOK!!!!!

(And dude, I cannot tell you how excited I am to hear my book read by a narrator. Talk about epic!!!)

I don't know when it will be released–the author is always the last to know these things. But the contract is signed and it is HAPPENING. Coming from Audible. I'll post more details as soon as I have them.

ALSO ALSO ALSO also: KEEPER HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR A YABC Choice Award–and *I've* been nominated for favorite middle grade author. Now, obviously you don't HAVE to go vote for me. BUT… if you decide to I will pretty much love you forever. Plus everyone knows that when you vote for me or KEEPER a unicorn burps up a magical sparkly cupcake of awesome, and really, who doesn't want that to keep happening???) NO pressure, of course, but if you would like to vote, go HERE.

AND–last but not least–a special offer from me to you. See, last Saturday was Bring Your Kids To The Bookstore Day–and I'd planned a special way to reward people for participating by offering special swag packs to anyone who bought KEEPER. And… then I forgot to post about it. 
I know. 
Major #Shannonfail. 
Halfway through the day I did finally remember and sprinted to Twitter and FB to get the word out–and a bunch of people did see and take me up on it. BUT, since then I've heard from some who were sorry they missed it.  And that's TOTALLY my bad. SO, I'm doing it again this weekend. (And hey, if you want to start it today, that's fine too.)
If you buy a copy of KEEPER between now and 11:59pm PST on 12/9/12, email me at SWMessenger (at) hotmail (dot) com with your mailing address and I will send you a special swag pack that includes shiny things like signed, personalized book plates and stickers and limited edition art prints. I don't need proof of purchase–I am willing to go on the honor system. And while of course it would be awesome if you supported your local Indie–it doesn't matter to me where you buy it. 
Swag packs will go in the mail early next week–I promise–so you should definitely have them in time for any celebrationish things you need. And of course if you have any questions, ask away in the comments.
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd… I think that's everything. I mean, my brain is kinda shot these days, so it's possible I'm forgetting something. But that covers all the big stuff. Except to also add a huge THANK YOU to you guys for bearing with me through all my crazy deadlineishness. I promise, I WILL get things back on track soon. Once LET THE SKY FALL 2 quits kicking my butt and keeping me up half the night and otherwise making me very very aware that SEQUELS ARE HARD!!!

And now… back to drafting. Hope to see some of you tonight!!!!

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